Gay Brazil

Gay Brazil

Land of the hot Latinos, Brazil has many advantages and drawbacks when talking about gay Brazil. While the big cities have a more open view about the gay lifestyle, yet the culture in the suburbs and small towns are much more conservative.

Brazil recognizes same legal protections including same sex partners for immigration purposes but still do not allow same sex marriages.

Many crimes have happened over the years against the gay community in Brazil. However with an increase in awareness on the media and education, things are getting much better. The Brazil Gay Pride in Sao Paulo attracted over 4 million people which helps bring awareness of Brazil gay issues but discrimination, violence and intolerance still is a fight.

Gay BrazilThere are several really good gay Brazil destinations; each one with its attractions makes Brazil’s gay tourism grow every year.

The major International airports are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and some airports in the northeast such as Recife, Fortaleza and Salvador have fewer flights to the major US and Europe capitals. It is estimated that 1 of every 4 tourists arriving in Rio de Janeiro airport is gay.

For detailed information on the destinations follow the links:

Florianopolis –  or Floripa also known as the “Magic Island”

Floripa Praia Mole

A city with 800.000 inhabitants and a safer place compared to the big cities. Floripa will not let you down, there is plenty gay activity there.

Rio de Janeiro – The Brazilian gay Mecca, Rio has been the most popular gay destination in the world. Gorgeous people, sunny weather and vast gay scenery. Rio is THE place!

Gay Ipanema Beach Rio de Janeiro

Rio “the sexiest destination on Earth” with a cultural diversity and ethnic differences are transforming Rio in the global capital of the gay tourism.

Future links:

Sao Paulo – A different kind of environment. An Industrial city, Sao Paulo gay scene is more diverse and underground.

Salvador – With a population over 3 million, Salvador de Bahia has the highest percentage of African descents outside Africa in the world – at 80%. Salvador has a vibrant social scene with gay clubs, saunas and beaches.