Playa del Carmen offers many tempting shopping options to make your gay holidays a real extravaganza!

Fifth Avenue is the most famous Playa del Carmen Shopping street and most part of it  is just for pedestrians. You will be welcomed by the “living statues.” Not only does it have chic hotels, but it is also a great shopping street. La Quinta, as the locals call it, has everything, from street craft sellers to fine cigar stores and the exclusive jewelry stores of well-known designers and Mexican artists.

There are interesting art galleries exhibiting works for sale, boutiques of famous international and local designers, and Mexican art craft shops. Also, the liquor stores selling everything from typical Mexican drinks like tequila and the famous Mexican Bourbon Vanilla Extract to domestic wines and of course Xtabentún – a local liqueur made from anise and honey from the bees that feed on the xtabentún flower.

Playa del Carmen shopping offers shoppers great variety such as Calle Corazon where you will find many art galleries and restaurants and Paseo del Carmen, an open street mall where you will find Armani Exchange, Lacoste, Soho, Diesel, Watch my Watch, Sturbucks, and many others. Further away from downtown there are some other great shopping options such as Liverpool and Plaza las Americas Shopping  Mall where there is a Sears store.

Playa del Carmen Stores